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Wage Theft in the News: St. Petersburg (FL) City Council Unanimously Passes Wage Theft Ordinance

“St. Petersburg’s ordinance also includes a community enforcement element which allows local non-profit social service, religious or community organizations that often serve lower-wage earners to feed complaints to the city and to make people aware of wage laws and how

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Join us to celebrate Mayday- International Workers Day 2015!

Join us to celebrate Mayday- International Workers Day 2015! Mayday is celebrated as the day to mark the victory of the 8 hour work day, after a long struggle in the labor movement. Labor has since made great strides and

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Undocumented immigrants contribution to tax revenue

Undocumented immigrants currently contribute significantly to state and local taxes, collectively paying an estimated $10.6 billion in 2010 with contributions coming from Ohio from undocumented immigrants currently at $700,000,00 and $95,000,000 post-reform. Courtesy of Communities United for Citizenship, which meets

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You’re Invited to the CIWC’s 2nd annual Mayday Brunch!

Details are here: Fundraiser Brunch. Please send this on to all of your constituents!! May 1st, 11am, Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church 103 William Howard Taft Rd. Call us at CIWC to get your table reservations! We will see you all there! Love &

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Great news for Immigrants from the Cincinnati Police Department

Added to the CPD procedure manual 3/19/15: “Consular identification cards, issued by a country’s respective consulate, are recognized and accepted by the CPD for identification purposes.” “The Department will assist immigrant crime victims with U-Visa Certification applications if they cooperate during an

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Farewell Gathering For Sameerah

You are invited  to Sameerah’s going away gathering!!  Our Executive Director Sameerah Ahmad is transitioning to a new position next month. We wish her well and would like to invite you to a gathering in her honor: Please join us

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Workers Rights Training – July 2014

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Cincinnati Company Queen City Pallets Pays $27,000 in Back Wages

Friends, the CIWC is proud to announce the following victory against wage theft: Cincinnati Company Queen City Pallets Pays $27,000 in Back Wages For Immediate Release: July 3, 2014 CINCINNATI, OH — Area workers recover $27,000 in stolen wages from

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Kroger SH Action 2014

Download PDF: Kroger SH Action 2014

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