Take the Work Safe Pledge

The Work Safe Pledge: I will only continue essential work at my job or in my industry if the work can be done in a way that also prevents the spread of Covid-19. To honor this pledge I will:
1) Attend a Work Safe training and workshop on worker / volunteer safety under Covid-19.
2) Create a Work Safe Committee or work group at my workplace or organization.
3) Create a Work Safe Protocol at my job site or organization.
4) Identify an external Work Safe Adviser for ongoing support.
5) Resolve all disputes about working safe under Covid-19 in a collaborative, non-discriminatory way, and using a fair dispute resolution process if necessary.

Join the Next Covid-19 Safety Awareness Worker & Community Training

All workers have a right to a safe workplace and the information they need to work safely! Throughout the pandemic, workers in all industries including food processing and restaurants, warehouse, manufacturing and retail, education, health and care work and many more are confronting daily what it means to make a living in the age of a highly infectious disease. We keep each other safe by being safe – and safety is your right!

The Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center is hosting a regular 2h training for community awareness and workers in all industries on the basic information and safety precautions we need to take to be safer during the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn about how the disease spreads, how you can maintain safer environments to contain it and how you can use different tools to make our workplaces and community spaces safer. This training is provided using material developed through the National Institutes for Health Sciences Covid-19 training program. For workers, volunteers, and community members at large.

When: every other week on Saturdays from 11:am–1:00 pm
Dates: 8/29; 9/12, 9/26, 10/10: 10/24: 11/7
Participants must register for this training. Register using this link:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

This schedule is subject to change depending on demand – check back on our website for updates or email worksafe@cworkers.org with questions.

Have a specific group or organization in mind? Does the Saturday schedule not work for you? Contact us to request a training for your team at worksafe@cworkers.org. Some of these specific trainings have included volunteer food distribution teams, library workers, Covid-19 safety at protests and more. Spanish and French language training are also in development!

Thank you for doing your part to keep our communities safe.

In Solidarity,

Your CIWC Team

Safety No For All / Seguridad Para Tod@s Ahora Program

Members holding their OSHA 10 Cards earned at the CIWC – one from 2009 the other from 2019
CIWC’s first OSHA 10 class with a majority of women students!
Our largest OSHA 10 class ever

Safety Now For All is building workers power to increase workplace safety through collective action. CIWC’s goal is reducing workplace injuries in at-risk Industries and among at-risk communities, like non-English speakers and temporary workers, through standards enforcement, education and advocacy.

In 2019 the CIWC was invited to join the Midwest Consortium of Hazardous Waste Worker Trainers. Headed by the University of Cincinnati, the Midwest Consortium for Hazardous Waste Worker Training (MWC) serves the needs of workers and communities potentially exposed to hazardous materials in nine states: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. This experienced, dedicated group has successfully developed and implemented awareness and preparedness programs for workers at hazardous waste sites and at treatment, storage, and disposal facilities (TSDF); for emergency responders; and for the under-served. CIWC is the only multi-lingual trainer in the Consortium. Through the Consortium CIWC is expanding its own training options in Cincinnati and helping other members of the Consortium reach and train non-English speakers throughout the Midwest.

The Consortium is funded by the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences. https://www.niehs.nih.gov/careers/hazmat/awardees/midwest/index.cfm

COVID 19 Notes

As part of the National Institute for Environment Health Science worker training program, we have an amazing team of local trainers to respond to this current crisis to help people work more safely in this environment. 

The Director of the NIH, Dr. Francis Collins, recommends (link below) that people involved in essential services, including volunteers, seek out local NIEHS trainers. 

The situation is changing rapidly and the lack of safety training for expanded food distribution is a special concern. We can help! We are already coordinating with the public schools, the Peaslee Neighborhood Center, and the Freestore Foodbank to do our part to supplement existing safety and health training with our own, NIEHS funded work.

We know this is hard – it is difficult to care for people from six-feet away. But Coronavirus doesn’t care that you are feeding hungry people. Good intentions are no protection. Many workers lack the proper safety training.

We will save lives by flattening the curve and slowing down the spread of Covid-19. This is how we will save lives. As a community partner, CIWC is a multilingual resource for community groups, employers, or  workers needing help to work safely. We are striving to quickly share information and train community members on how to be work safer. Organizations, employers, and individual workers can contact our “Work Safe” hotline at 513-621-5991 for questions and to request training, or reach out to me via email at ciwc.communications@gmail.com.  Be safe everyone.