Great news for Immigrants from the Cincinnati Police Department

Added to the CPD procedure manual 3/19/15:

Consular identification cards, issued by a country’s respective consulate, are recognized and accepted by the CPD for identification purposes.”

“The Department will assist immigrant crime victims with U-Visa Certification applications if they cooperate during an official police investigation and subsequent prosecution for qualifying criminal offenses. The Community Liaison Unit Commander is authorized as the Police Chief’s designated certifying official, to certify a petitioner’s request for U-Visa certification. Officers are authorized to distribute to any crime victim who may be a noncitizen an informational flyer describing immigration relief and services available to immigrant crime victims.

Federal courts have consistently held that undocumented presence is not a crime but a federal civil violation enforceable only by federal officers. CPD officers will not stop, detain, question, or arrest a person solely on the basis that the individual may have unlawfully entered the country and/or exceeded their Visa. CPD officers will not enforce immigration laws. However, if Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers request assistance from a CPD officer in detaining a subject, the officer will provide assistance with the approval of a supervisor.”

If you or someone you know feels that the new policy is not being fully enforced by the CDP officer encountered, feel free to contact the CDP, Richard M Longworth, Police Officer, Cincinnati Police Department, Immigrant Affairs Liaison,, or bring it to CUC, UFCW Local 75, or the Worker Center to work together on this.


(Courtesy of CIWC partner Communities United for Citizenship.  CUC meets every other Friday at 12pm at the Worker Center)

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