Immigrant Dignity Coalition Updates – May 2022

Drivers’ License Campaign

As of April 2022, 16 states provide universal access to driver’s licenses, including for undocumented workers. Ohio isn’t one of them. CIWC has been working to identify a network of immigrant leaders and organizations in our region and across Ohio who are prepared to take up a campaign for transportation justice. If that sounds like you or someone you know, contact CIWC today to get active on this campaign. As Manuel Pérez says, “it may be a five or even ten year journey, but we will never get there if we don’t get started today.

Hamilton County Establishes Due Process for Immigrant Workers

In 2021 the new Sheriff of Hamilton County signed a fully revised Foreign Nationals policy. In a victory for workers Hamilton County this policy prohibits ICE without a judicial warrant.  It also recognizes the MARCC Identification card for all law enforcement purposes. The CIWC fought for six years for these changes. Learn more about how you and your co-workers can use these new rights for self-protection. Contact the CIWC for a community training session.

Human Rights Ambassadors

In 2020 Miguel Amezcua Peregrina, a Mexican engineer working in Ohio was fired unjustly. Miguel stood up for himself and fought against a deceptive and international recruitment ring that lied to and cheated other Mexican workers here in Ohio.  Miguel’s employer used a “lawful” visa process to do so. The immigration and visa process is broken. Many employers take this broken system and use it to beat down working people and their unions. CIWC knows that we need immigration reform now. We also know that some employers will exploit any system, even one that’s reformed.  CIWC has a new plan to fight back: Human Rights Ambassadors. Workers who help labor unions and labor agencies enforce international human rights standards should have access to Human Rights Ambassador status, receiving expedited work authorization from the Attorney General of the U.S. This is the only way to deter abuses is to create solidarity across borders. The only way to foster that solidarity is by encouraging workers who come forward to work as Human Rights Ambassadors without fear of deportation.

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