Worker Rights Project

Workers Rights Project clients and law student fellows: Mallory Perazzo, Kim Crew and Kate Clemmons, Ethan Schuh

Beginning in 2021 the CIWC added a legal services clinic to its operation by partnering with the Worker Rights Project, founded by Randy Freking and Paul Tobias. Now housed within the CIWC the Worker Rights Project is a non-profit legal services organization specializing in low wage workers’ claims. The Worker Rights Project employs a team of law clerks and contract attorneys to litigate cases for workers at no cost to the worker. Currently the Project is representing nine women in state and federal courts: the Southern District of Ohio (Title VII and FMLA), Hamilton County Small Claims Division (wage theft, breach of contract, theft of tips), and Municipal Court (wage theft). If your claims are just, you will get your day in court. If local employers want to “nickel and dime” you, then you can fight for every nickel and contest every dime with the legal team at the Worker Rights Project.

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Workers’ Rights Hotline: 513-621-5991