The Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center (CIWC) was 
established in March 2005 to mobilize, educate and 
organize low wage and immigrant workers to achieve positive systemic change. These efforts 
are designed to give low-income workers from all walks 
of life the opportunity to creatively challenge the power 
relationships with their employers and improve their 
working terms and conditions. The goal is to provide 
community members the tools and support they need to 
transform their workplaces and communities as a whole. Our 135 members pursue this mission through a Worker Justice committee and an Immigrant Rights committee.

CIWC members organize for:

  • Wages and benefits adequate to raise families with dignity
  • Right to safe working conditions
  • Right to organize and bargain collectively without intimidation
  • Equal protection under the law
  • Opportunity to work together using democratic principles
  • Ability to connect with the struggles of workers in other industries, states, and parts of the world to build solidarity
  • Development of leaders who can advocate for change in their workplace and community including justice for immigrants
  • Legislation, such as a Wage Theft Ordinance, to help protect workers and immigrants

We are a member-based nonprofit with a diverse membership.


  • Brennan Grayson, Director / Staff Attorney
  • Manuel Pérez, Membership Coordinator / Education Lead / Organizer
  • Magda Orlander, Program Coordinator / Trainer / Organizer

The CIWC is affiliated with Interfaith Worker Justice and the Food Chain Workers Alliance.

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Worker Centers at 2014 Labor Notes Conference

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