May 2022 News & Announcements

Interfaith Worker Justice to Close

We are saddened to announce that the IWJ national organization has decided to close down permanently. All faiths believe in justice. And the role of faith and faith leaders has never been more important to the struggle for justice than it is today. Contact the CIWC today to help us explore ways to keep the fight for workers alive in our local faith communities.

Cincinnati Language Services Cooperative Is Seeking New Members

Cincinnati Language Services Cooperative was founded as a project of the CIWC to provide high quality translation and interpretation services for legal, civil rights, labor, business, and religious organizations – at a fair, living wage for language justice workers. Contact the co-op at 513-621-1250 or for your language service needs.

Unite for Justice – The New Committee on Political Education

Political Education books:  There is Power in a Union, Hammer and Hoe, No Shortcuts.

Throughout the pandemic the CIWC led an amazing series of online book discussions. Over 100 readers have participated. Books discussed include: There is Power in a Union: the Epic Story of Labor in America (Dray); Hammer and Hoe: The Alabama Communist Party During the Great Depression (Kelley). Upcoming books include: Left Behind: The Democrats Failed Attempt to Solve Inequality (Geismer), I Rigoberta Menchu – an Indigenous Woman in Guatemala. This online book club called Unite for Justice is becoming a new committee on political education. The Committee’s agenda is simple: political education for all working people. Book discussions and committee meetings are conducted in English and Spanish.


We want to thank new board members for agreeing to serve as leaders here: Abraham Gadji, Nora Hernandez, Jaime Lutes, Marjorie Aaron, Randy Freking. We also want to recognize the life and spirit of Elia Gomez, who passed from COVID-19 while visiting with her mother in Honduras. Here she is “the boss” loving life at the AFL-CIO Coney Island picnic with some guy named Bill.

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