Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center

Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center

1235 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

justice for immigrants

The Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center (CIWC) was
established in March 2005 to help mobilize, educate and
organize low wage and immigrant workers. These efforts
are designed to give low-income workers from all walks
of life the opportunity to creatively challenge the power
relationships with their employers and improve their
working terms and conditions. The goal is to provide
community members the tools and support they need to
transform bad jobs into good jobs, followers into leaders,
and impoverished men and women into people who
shape their own destiny.

The Mission of the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers
Center is to educate, empower and mobilize people
experiencing injustice in the workplace in order to
achieve positive systemic change.

CIWC focuses on:
1) Workers experiencing injustice in the workplace,
specifically low wage earners and immigrant workers
2) Issues that low wage and immigrant workers
and their families have at that workplace
3) Educating and Training workers to understand the
power that they already have to create systemic change

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worker centers standards
  • Provides information about labor, employment, and civil rights laws and useful information on the local labor market
  • Helps workers with grievances with employers
  • Involves workers in the governance, leadership, and planning in a meaningful way
  • Has a clear and transparent political agenda and is involved in a broader social movement
  • Seeks to build democratic community and civic participation
  • Is located in a place that is accessible to workers
  • Works to build alliances with unions and other worker organizations
  • Does not charge any fees apart from normal membership dues or reasonable organizational time commitment
  • Fights for the decriminalization of homelessness
  • Does not discriminate against the undocumented, supports the legalization of undocumented workers

*from the criteria adopted by the National Day Laborer
Organizing Network (NDLON)
, est. 2001

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Sameerah Ahmad, Executive Director

El Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center (CIWC) se estableció en marzo de 2005 para ayudar a movilizar, educar y organizar los trabajadores con bajos salarios y los trabajadores inmigrantes. Estos esfuerzos están diseñados para darle a los trabajadores de bajos ingresos la oportunidad de lidiar creativamente con las relaciones de sus empleadores y mejorar sus condiciones de trabajo. El objetivo es darle a los miembros de la comunidad las herramientas y el apoyo que necesitan para transformar los malos puestos de trabajo a buenos puestos de trabajo, seguidores a dirigentes, y empobrecidos hombres y mujeres en personas que forman su propio destino.

La misión del Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center (CIWC) es educar, facultar y movilizar a las personas sufriendo de injusticia en el lugar de trabajo para lograr un cambio sistémico positivo.

CIWC se enfoca en:
1) trabajadores sufriendo injusticia en el trabajo, específicamente los trabajadores de bajos salarios y los trabajadores inmigrantes;
2) Los problemas que los trabajadores de bajos salarios y los inmigrantes y sus familias tienen en ese lugar de trabajo;
3) Educando y entrenando trabajadores para que comprendan el poder que ya tienen para crear el cambio sistémico.
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