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workers rights

CIWC's goal is to develop a dialogue among workers that
encourages them toknow their legal workplace rights;
consider worker justice beyondstatutory safeguards; and
recognize solidarity and collective action as desirable
paths for achieving just outcomes to specific workplace

Workers complaints include nonpayment of wages,
overtime, prevailing wages and minimum wages, workers comp and discrimination. Over the last three years more than 400 workers have recovered $300,000 in unpaid wages through the intervention of CIWC through legal filings and direct action.
CIWC Programs

Outreach: worker and community education
Distribute materials and have conversations about workplace issues at events and where people gather, for example; local parades and festivals,farmers markets,
NAACP convention, AFL/CIO Labor Day Picnic, rallies,
press conferences, Mayor and City Council, churches,
schools and universities

Workers Rights Board:
The Workers Rights Board is an independent board that
is hears workers' testimony about abusive workplaces,
and if warranted bring their concerns to the employer
and to the community. These are workers that find themselves outside the protections of union contracts. This Board was organized by the CICW and the UFCW. It has evolved into an independent body in Butler and Warren Counties. A Hamilton County Workers Rights Board is beginning to form.

Workers Rights Workshops:
CICW developed an hour long workshop to give participants a look quick look at the rights they have then move quickly to a participatory method of looking beyond laws towards collective action to solve work-place issues. The emphasis is to give participants the ability to "train" others in their rights and problem solving abilities. Many students and comminunty groups, as well as workers, have participated in these workshops.

Workers Rights Hotline
derechos de trabajadores

Nuestro objetivo es de desarrollar un diálogo entre trabajadores que los motiva a saber sus derechos legales en el lugar de trabajo; considere la justicia de trabajador más allá de las medidas de protección reglamentarias; y reconoce la solidaridad y la acción colectiva que puede lograr justo resultados al lugar de trabajo específico.

Quejas. Las quejas de trabajadores incluyen falta de pago de sueldos, el tiempo extraordinario, prevaleciendo los sueldos y los salarios mínimos, compensacion de trabajadores y discriminación. Sobre los últimos tres años más de 400 trabajadores han informado al Centro los reclamos válidos del robo del sueldo, muchos son inmigrantes, muchos trabajo para subcontratistas en los comercios de la construcción. Generalmente, ellos vienen a nosotros individualmente o en pequeños grupos. A consecuencia de la venida de los trabajadores al Centro hemos ayudado recuperar más de $150.000 en sueldos impagados.

resources workers rights

Downloadable Materials: pdf format
Workers Rights Card - (2 sided, 4 cards) side 1 / side 2

Online Resources:
State of Ohio Working & Employment


CIWC is a member based organization, and committed
to leadership development of its members. CIWC takes
direction directly from workers who are then engaged
at every level of our organization.

Developing membership is a priority for us. The important Standing Committees dedicated to Worker and Immigrant Rights, and to Day Labors are the spaces where workers can tell their stories to their colleagues, where possible solutions to problems can be discussed and strategic campaigns can be launched. Contact us for more information.

Cincinnati Processing:
Many meat processing workers at an area plant,
Cincinnati Processing, labor under extremely abusive
conditions. CIWC, UFCW & the SW Ohio Workers
Rights Board brought their situation to the attention
of the community. This resulted in investigations by
Federal & Local Law Enforcement Agencies, as well
as a renewed organizing effort by UFCW that we
continue to support. >Streetvibes article, 6.08, pdf

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